With Marketo’s integration with various paid media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Adwords, this is making it easier to promote your message across channels….and not just rely on email.

In this on-demand webinar from Aug 2017, learn how to break through the clutter with a multi-touch approach using the latest Marketo Abridge capabilities.

Make sure to check out the FAQs and on-demand resources below.


  • Brian Glover, Director Product Marketing, Marketo
  • Frank Passantino, Senior Product Manager, Marketo
  • Anna Leary, Marketing Consultant, RevEngine Marketing


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Q&A from Webinar

Is there an additional cost for AdBridge?

No, there are no additional costs for Marketo customers.

Is there a list minimum for putting lists into the social platforms?

Facebook requires a 100 and LinkedIn requires 1,000.

For leads coming into Marketo via Lead Digestion (The forms within the ad platform), will Marketo dedup?

Yes, standard Marketo deduplication applies. If the email address already exists in your database, Marketo will append that record and NOT create a new record.

For offline conversion tracking, is a working revenue model required?

Marketo provides the ability to bring Marketo revenue model information into Google so you can see how different Google campaigns perform against the model. It allows you to go beyond the impression/click to see funnel conversion data within Google

This capability only works as well as the setup of your Marketo lifecycle model. If the model is not setup properly, your results will be skewed.

Does GDPR apply to retargeting?

GDPR is an overarching data privacy regulation that applies to European countries. It goes into full effect in 2018.

Yes, retargeting via Adbridge has GDPR implications as it involves management of data. Every organization will need to manage consent according to its GDPR policies. If you don’t have a policy today, consider adopting one.

How does matching work?

Matching is generally based on email address. Facebook has some advanced algorithms that include first name, last name and other criteria to help with the matching.

What information can I get from LinkedIn Lead Gen forms?

LinkedIn supplies data such as First Name, Last Name, Email Address and more. To make sure you collect all the relevant information, see the below list. Note that LinkedIn limits you to 7 fields max in any given Lead Gen form.

See all the details here:


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